Security guard shot in face

January 8, 2008 10:26:56 AM PST
A security guard is recovering from a gunshot wound to the face in an attack at a northwest Houston game room.It happened at the at the Happy Time game room on N. Shepherd near Parker around 11pm. According to a witness, an unknown male walked up to the security guard, shot him point blank in the head and then started to pistol whip the guard.

Authorities say the guard was apparently on his cell phone. The suspect pointed his gun at the guard. When the guard tried to draw his own gun but it was too late. The incident was caught on video by the security camera, so authorities hope that will help in the investigation.

A witness saw the suspect jump into a late model Oldsmobile or Lincoln that was waiting in the parking lot.

The guard was taken to the hospital, where he's facing a hard recovery. We're told the bullet is lodged between his skull and his spine. He is expected to have a long recovery.

Investigators say the only thing that the suspect took from the guard was the guard's gun, which he grabbed after his gun was broken while he was beating the guard. Police are still looking for a motive in the violent attack.

If you have any information about this crime, you're asked to call the Houston police department.

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