Profile: Ron Paul

January 3, 2008 5:57:13 PM PST
Political profile of candidate Ron PaulRON PAUL, Republican
Congressman from Texas
Age: 72

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Has served a total of 10 terms in Congress. Ran for president as a libertarian in 1988.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: An obstetrician-gynecologist in Texas since 1968. Also served as flight surgeon for the U.S. Air Force.

EDUCATION: His bio says he graduated from Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine.

FAMILY: Wife Carol; five children; and 17 grandchildren.


  • Backs a prompt troop withdrawal from Iraq.
  • Only Republican candidate opposed to the Iraq war.

  • TAXES:
  • Opposes the tax system.
  • Wants to abolish it.

  • Advocates a return to the gold standard.
  • Wants to abolish the CIA and Federal Reserve.
  • Rails against the government's anti-drug policy, complains that federal law overrules state laws that permit medicinal use of marijuana for pain or other symptoms of debilitating illnesses.
  • Says regulation of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, should be at the state level.
  • Wants to eliminate foreign aid to Israel and other nations, saying they should learn to defend their borders "without coming to us."
  • Backs airing of possible impeachment charges against Vice President Dick Cheney.
  • Received 9 percent support in Dec. 31st Des Moines Register Iowa Poll.

  • Paul is known in Congress as "Dr. No" for his votes against some types of government spending, including a medal for Pope John Paul II and civil rights leader Rosa Parks because of the cost to taxpayers.
  • In his last race for Congress, he defeated opponent Cynthia Sinatra, a Houston attorney and former wife of Frank Sinatra Jr. For the current
  • Paul's official bio states that he's delivered more than 4,000 babies.