Marvin's work goes on in 2008

December 31, 2007 5:08:55 PM PST
Looking back on 2007 has some sadness for us here at Channel 13. As you may know, we lost a legend, Marvin Zindler. The longtime consumer advocate was a voice for the voiceless, but his work continues. Marvin solved problems. He could cut through the red tape and got things done. It's one of the reasons people loved him. But the need has not gone away and the angels have not gone away, either.

Before he passed away in July, Marvin was doing what he did best, help those in need. Mary Lopez was going blind and needed cataract surgery. Marvin had been working to get her vision corrected. After his death, Lori Reingold, Marvin's producer, took up the cause. Today Mary is back at work.

Dr. Joe Agris is one of Marvin's Angels who tells us continuing the legacy is important.

"I wanted it to continue," said Dr. Agris. "I mean, that's one of the things, not just for Houston, Harris County, but most of the people affect Texas and through our the United States some of this work goes."

And the work goes on, from helping a Jordanian immigrant get his teeth fixed to bringing clothes to a homeless shelter, the angels have stepped up since Marvin's passing.

"Nobody can replace what Marvin did when he was here," said Marvin's friend, Michael Wiesenthal. "But there needs to be a go to group when these people need help."

Marvin died from pancreatic cancer. At the time of his passing, a fund was set up at MD Anderson to help fight the disease. Today, more than $47,000 has been raised.

"Just think about how many people have given," said Linda Korb with DM Anderson. "Over $47,000 in Marvin's memory. What a wonderful gift that they have made, and no gift is too small either. Every gift is very important."

"Marvin had created so much good will and good will for the community that we are just delighted to be able to continue on his work," said Reingold.

Today, those in need can turn to Reingold. Requests for help include cosmetic surgery, hearing problems and Social Security complaints.

"If people cannot break through the bureaucracy, we are able to help them with it and we are glad to continue it," said Reingold.

You can still donate in Marvin's name at MD Anderson Cancer Center. You can mail your gift to PO Box 4486, Houston, Texas, 77210-4486.