Maintain and repair durable products

Although durable products sometimes cost more initially, their extended life span may offset the higher cost and even save money over the long term.

Consider long-lasting appliances and electronic equipment with good warranties. Check reports for products with a record of high consumer satisfaction and low breakdown rates. Also, look for those products that are easily repaired.

Keep appliances in good working order. Follow manufacturers' suggestions for proper operation and maintenance.

High-quality, long-lasting tires for cars, bicycles, and other vehicles are available. Using them reduces the rate at which tires are replaced and disposed of. Also, to extend tire life, check tire pressure once a month, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for upkeep, and rotate tires routinely.

Mend clothes instead of throwing them away. Where possible, repair worn shoes, boots, handbags, and briefcases.

Whenever intended for use over a long period of time, choose furniture, luggage, sporting goods, toys, and tools that will stand up to vigorous use.

Consider using low-energy compact fluorescent light bulbs rather than incandescent ones. They'll last longer, which means fewer bulbs are thrown out, and cost less to replace over time.

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