Would-be burglar shot, killed

HOUSTON Damon Barone, his wife, six-year old son and baby were at home when he started hearing the sounds of someone breaking in.

"Once I saw the silhouette, or saw the body inside my home, I fired three shots," said Barone.

Barone says he grabbed his Glock .45 at about 2:45am Friday when he heard glass breaking in his bedroom.

"While it was happening, I felt like I needed to protect my family. I was more so worried about their safety over being scared or nervous," said Barone.

He ushered his wife, six-year-old son and two-month-old daughter into a bathroom and then went back to the master bedroom, where he says he saw the upper torso and arm of a man lying partially through the bedroom window.

"I shot about where I thought his head was," said Barone.

Authorities say they found the body on the window sill. They later determined that man to be Steven Dunbar, 44, a man with a lengthy criminal history. What Barone still doesn't understand is why Dunbar would try to break in there.

Barone says he and his wife were awake caring for their infant daughter and that lights were on in the home and even in the bedroom where Dunbar was found attempting to enter.

Barone says he'll never feel guilty for what he did, only sorry that there is now a family elsewhere that is grieving because their loved one tried to try to enter someone else's home.

Barone says he won't forget what happened there ever.

Authorities have not arrested or charged Barone. Ultimately a grand jury will have to decide.

Dunbar has a lengthy criminal record, going back to 1986. He's been arrested for at least a dozen felonies and has been convicted on several of them. Dunbar has served time in prison for robbery, and aggravated assault. His last stint in jail, which ended about a month ago as we said, was for deadly conduct.

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