Remembering a fallen lawman

December 5, 2007 5:03:02 PM PST
A reserve deputy constable who was killed during a robbery last week was laid to rest today. Services were held for for Carltrell Odom. Investigators believe Odom, 22, was running to get his gun after getting into a scuffle with four teens who were trying to rob him and some of his friends. That's when one of the teens shot him three times.

The teens are 16 and 17 years old. One of them, Alan Nickerson, appeared in court yesterday. Another suspect was set to appear, but his attorney requested he not be brought into the courtroom. She says he was slammed into a wall and roughed up by a guard during the transport to the courthouse.

Even though they're charged with capital murder, because of their ages, they're not eligible for the death penalty under Texas law, according to the assistant district attorney. They're facing life in prison if convicted.

Over the weekend, Odom's family told us they are trying to find forgiveness in their hearts, but they're having a hard time doing so.

Odom was 22 years old when his life was cut short. His family says he always dreamed of being a police officer and a doctor. He was one of the youngest reserve deputy constables hired by Precinct 6.

Services were held at the Evangelist Temple on MLK near Tavenor Southeast Houston.