Stay safe from the storm

Whenever storms strike, the safest place to be is indoors. If you're at home, you'll want to stay on the lowest floor and steer clear of windows. Flip the TV on to channel 13, and if you see a warning in your county for a tornado or severe thunderstorm, make your way into an interior room on the lowest floor. Ideally you'll want to seek shelter in a small room with four sturdy walls, such as a bathroom or closet. Stay low to the ground, and be prepared to cover your head from flying debris.

While at work, check out the latest Mega Doppler radar images online at Know your employer's severe weather action plan, and make sure your children know the school's severe weather plan as well. If no plan is in place, talk to your boss or a school administrator about putting one together. There's no substitute for safe planning.

Driving on the road during rush hour is nerve wracking. Driving during a thunderstorm can be downright scary. The first thing you want to do is slow down. Turn on your headlights and wiper blades. If hail starts falling, exit the highway try to find a covered place to park. Never attempt to cross a flooded roadway. Take your time and stay focused on the road until you safely arrive at your destination.

When you're outside and the skies look threatening, you can always check the weather on your web-enabled cell phone at If you get caught outside during a thunderstorm, seek shelter inside a sturdy building first, and if none is available, hop in your car. As a last resort, stay low to the ground and steer clear of tall objects while you wait out the storm.

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