AR-15 debate ensues following deadly high school shooting

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The debate surrounding AR-15's continue, Nick Natario reports. (KTRK)

Wednesday's school shooting in Florida has reignited the debate over the weapon used to kill people.

Police in Florida said the suspect used an AR-15 to kill 17 people, which is a weapon people we spoke with had mixed feelings about.

"I believe those weapons should be used for more war, combat uses. I don't think people should have them in their homes," Pasadena resident Sheena Williams said.

"People need to have their guns for safety, for hunting, for whatever they need, and I don't think we can legislate that," Pasadena resident Joanne Weygandt said. "I think it has to come from a higher power."

Texas Tactical Gear employees know the weapon well.

"The gun is very easy to use," Texas Tactical Gear manager Chris Parker said. "You have a safe and you have a fire. There's no magic full auto or anything like that."

Parker said an AR-15 is the stores best seller.
He said people use the weapon for hunting and protection.

But the big selling point is it's customization.

"You can have 10 different AR-15's and they wouldn't be the same," Parker said. "They could even be different calibers."

While he said Wednesday's shooting is unfortunate, he doesn't believe those looking to buy this gun should be punished.

"It's gotten some bad press lately, sure, but at the same time the gun's been around for 60 years," Parker said.

But some are pushing for change.

The group Texas Gun Sense hopes Wednesday's shooting will spark legislation in Austin.

"There are many things we can do," Vice Chair of Texas Gun Sense Ed Scruggs said. "Things that we can try. Let's not classify the AR-15 as a regular hunting rifle because we all know that's not true."

The group doesn't believe an AR-15 ban would work, because millions are across the United States.

Instead, it's hoping to see tougher restrictions to prevent these types of mass shootings.

"What we hope to do over time is show folks that we're serious that the people of Texas want something done about this. We know there's a problem, and eventually we'll get there," Scruggs said.
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