April Fools' Day pranks your kids totally deserve

April Fools' Day or April 1 is the one day of the year jokes are expected. For those of you with children, here's a list of some harmless and quirky pranks to try:

    1. Mashed Potato Sundaes
    2. Freeze your kid's morning cereal
    3. Make chocolate chip cookies using mashed potatoes
    4. Cover the remote sensor with tape
    5. Put a twist on a sunny-side-up egg
    6. Use this app to pretend Justin Bieber or a celebrity is calling your phone
    7. Jello Juice
    8. Paint soap with clear nail polish so it won't lather
    9. Spill milk over your kid's laptop or phone
    10. Serve a dessert grilled cheese

Click here for more pranks.

If you record an April Fools' Day prank video, we want to see it. Email the video to news@abc13.com or post it on Twitter and use #abc13eyewitness.
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