Ft. Bend Co. animal shelter calling for your help

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Saturday, August 20, 2016
Girl and cat

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Fort Bend County Animal Services is asking for the public's help as the facility reaches maximum capacity.

The shelter says, "We have made every effort over the last several months to give every dog that comes into the shelter the best chance at finding their forever homes. Unfortunately, we are now faced with the reality of having to make some extremely hard decisions very soon. It is the very last thing any of us want to do since we all care about these dogs and want to see them in forever homes."

They're now asking for the public to adopt these animals. They have 15 fully vetted dogs that are $10 each as well, as all dogs and cats over 6 months old that are $25.

Their goal is to have 60 dogs adopted, rescued or fostered through a rescue by next Saturday, August 27.

If you would like to adopt, get more information on their Facebook page here.