FALSE ALARM: 'American Assassin' sparks 911 calls of reported theater shooting

Saturday, October 07, 2017 06:35AM
Police in The Woodlands say a violent movie frightened some audience members into thinking a real shooting was happening at the movie theater.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas - The Las Vegas mass shooting has people on edge understandably, and that includes people who decided to go to the movies last night in The Woodlands.

A group of people who went to the Cinemark Theatre on Lake Robbins Drive last night got a scare while watching the movie "American Assassin."

The movie features a lot of violent gun battles, and for some audience members, the sound of those gunshots were jarring enough that it caused chaos in the theater.

During a major shootout in the film, police said some in the audience believed there was an actual shooting happening outside.

A couple of people ran outside, warning other theater patrons to get out.

Police rushed to the theater after calls to 911, but cleared the scene after realizing the gunfire was just from the movie.

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