Investigators search landfill for remains of dismembered Baytown man

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 06:58AM
Investigators continue to search landfill for potential body parts of man allegedly killed and dismembered

BAYTOWN, Texas - Investigators found the remains of a human torso in a Chambers County landfill back in August and while they have not said it is that of Steven Coleman, they will be back out there today continuing the search.

According to investigators, Cierra Sutton admitted to others that she shot her boyfriend, Steven Coleman, in the head as he slept after an argument.
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Detectives say Sutton then used a machete to dismember the body because Coleman was too heavy for her to carry. Police say the remains were then placed in different dumpsters which were then brought to the landfill.

The murder reportedly took place around August 16. The torso was discovered on August 22. Then Hurricane Harvey hit, keeping detectives from working on the case.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Torso of man found in Baytown landfill facility
Man's torso found in Baytown landfill

The delay will make finding Coleman's remains more difficult.

Lt. Steve Dorris with Baytown police said, "As you can imagine, it is a landfill. Keep in mind all this happened back in the middle of August when he came up missing. We have had a major event since then. Hurricane Harvey and that put us back a few weeks."
Last month crime scene investigators did find blood evidence in several rooms of the couple's apartment, including the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Investigators said they also found blood in Sutton's Jeep.

According to Baytown police, Sutton was taken into custody five days ago in Louisiana and charged with murder.

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