'American Idol' contestant gets onstage proposal as Katy Perry reacts with 'ugliest cry of my life'

One American Idol contestant got more than a ticket to the next round on Tuesday's night's show. She got a surprise proposal in front of everyone.

Johanna Jones, a 23-year-old fast food burger chef from Las Vegas, reflected on her relationship with her boyfriend, Matt, before her performance during Hollywood Week.

"He's the most supportive, loving, awesome guy I've ever met," she said. "I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think he's probably the one."

She explained she really wished he could have been there for her big performance, but he'd been tied up with exams during his last semester of school.

"It broke his heart," she said. "He was crying, actually, to me that he couldn't be here."

Little did Johanna know, but Matt was on his way, driving 11 hours after finishing six exams.

After she finished singing '80s rock song "Wicked Game," Johanna turned to leave the stage, and the shock registered on her face as she realized that her boyfriend was coming to greet her.

Matt introduced himself to the crowd before saying, "I couldn't be here all week because of exams, but I couldn't wait another day."

He dropped to his knee and the crowd was overcome with joy, especially Johanna's parents and judge Katy Perry.

Johanna, of course, said yes.

Perry tweeted that her reaction to the beautiful moment was the "ugliest cry of my life."

After the celebration, Perry who got engaged to Orlando Bloom last month, jokingly screamed, "Why won't someone love me like that?"

After the show, fellow judge Luke Bryan and Perry continued the bit on Twitter.

As to whether we'll be seeing more cuteness from Johanna and Matt, that'd be a yes. Johanna was among the groups that got through to the round of 40, which starts in Hawaii next week.

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