3-year-old boy at center of Amber Alert reunited with mother in Galveston

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A little boy who is now safe and the grandmother who refused to give him up were at the center of an Amber Alert early Wednesday morning.

Alexzander Clayton Russell, 3, was reunited with his mother Tawana Russell in Galveston hours after the Amber Alert was issued.

According to the child's step-grandfather Donald Mickens, this all started on Sunday when Alexzander was with his grandmother, 40-year-old Beverly Mickens.

Donald told ABC13 Beverly and their four children along with Alexzander were just supposed to be making a grocery store run, but Beverly never returned.

The next day, Donald said he got a call from his oldest child to come get him and his siblings from a pawn shop in Galveston.

"She stopped at EZ Pawn, was pawning the speakers and stuff, met some homeless guy," Donald said.

He told ABC13 that he suspects Beverly is back on drugs. When he went to pick up their kids, he said she was with a strange man inside a Suburban with paper plates.

An Amber Alert that went out around 5:20 a.m. Wednesday claimed that the boy was in immediate danger.

"I told her I would come get him myself, but she wouldn't even tell me where she was," Tawana said.

The manager of the Scottish Inns in Galveston said he was watching ABC13 when he saw the Amber Alert, recognized the Suburban and called police.

"There were no diapers in the room. No nothing. He was scraped up and bruised. It's horrible. I don't know how you could do that to a kid," Tawana said.

Alexzander will be taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

Beverly was taken into custody.

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