Amazon delivery man caught on video stealing package fired

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- There's been a rash of packages that have been stolen after being delivered to doorsteps. One San Jose woman had enough and finally did something about it.

There have been a lot of these so-called doorstep thefts. Usually, you file a police report and tell the online store about it and they send you a replacement.

But in this case, that particular thief turned out to be a real delivery man and that angered a particular victim who said: "That's not right."

Having a laptop stolen is not something you should expect from Amazon delivery service.

The woman ABC7 spoke with did not to be identified for security reasons, so for this story, we'll call her Jennifer.

Security video taken last Wednesday showed an Amazon carrier delivering her laptop by placing the box on the apartment office doorstep.

A photo taken from another camera showed a different delivery man making his rounds at the apartment complex. Then later, a video revealed him stealing the box with her laptop.

Jennifer contacted Amazon and the police.

Amazon sent her another laptop, but she decided she had enough. "I actually had another Amazon order a few months ago that disappeared and this would be the second time," she said.

This time she had the goods - the video. "Hopefully someone will recognize him and he'll get caught," she said.

She sent the video and photographs to Amazon and got a reply from Amazon's delivery unit. "The manager actually recognized his employee from the video and he contacted me and let me know that he has fired the employee seen in the video," she said.

There has been a spike in the number of packages stolen from doorsteps.

Jennifer did her part in exposing a thief who's probably stolen before.

She's sending a message to others. "If you see a wrong, do what you can to fix it," she said.

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