Alpaca mom chases down cougar to save her week-old baby

SKAMANIA COUNTY, Washington -- A mother alpaca chased down a cougar to save her baby.

It happened at a farm in Skamania County, Washington.

The alpacas could be seen jumping up as a cougar entered their enclosure, grabbed the baby and turned to run.

The alpaca's mother was able to chase the cougar down and get it to drop the baby, which survived.

"We're amazed that little boy survived," alpaca farm owners Angela and Alan Rogers said. "I mean, he was only a week old, maybe 15, 16 pounds. And you know, he's a survivor, and his mom's one tough little alpaca, too."

They hadn't named him yet, but now the couple says they're calling him "Lucky."

They added that they are looking for new ways to protect their alpacas after the incident.
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