Deputies rescue 7-foot alligator stuck in storm drain

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

SEMINOLE, FL -- A 7-foot alligator stuck in a Florida storm drain is on its way to an alligator farm.

A Seminole County resident was trying to prevent the gator from getting hit by a car as the reptile was trying to climb out of the storm drain Friday night. But authorities say that person actually ended up pushing the gator further down the drain.

When Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies arrived, the gator was wedged between a pipe and the edge of the drain. They used a dog's leash to close its mouth, then secured it with duct tape. Next they lassoed the alligator behind its front legs and hoisted it out of the drain.

State wildlife officials took possession of the female alligator. it will be transferred to an alligator farm.