Alligator stops traffic briefly in Moss Hill

ByVanesa Brashier
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Vanesa Brashier/Houston Community Newspapers

MOSS HILL, TX -- Alligators are on the move in Texas. Recent rains have extended their normal habitats but many are roaming because it is height of mating and nesting season, according to Randy Button, the game warden for Liberty County.

On Sunday afternoon, May 1, a 9-foot alligator was spotted 100 yards south of the intersection of Moss Hill on the property of Hard Rock Construction. The animal's tail was mangled from being run over by a vehicle, said Button. Due to the extent of its injuries, the animal was put down.

The alligator was then taken to Fannett, Texas, where a company authorized through the state's nuisance alligator program will process the meat and hide.

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