Tired of shots? Oral allergy tablets could be for you

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An exciting new and not so traditional treatment takes a different approach, offering allergy sufferers an alternative treatment.

Sublingual immunotherapy also known as "Slit," is an allergy tablet to treat certain allergies without shots.

Consumer reports say it may be worth considering, especially for kids or adults who are afraid of needles and don't do well with traditional allergy shots.

Sublingual immunotherapy is appropriate for all ages, including for children who suffer from allergy symptoms but are too young to safely receive injections. Depending on the specific slit treatment, kids can start as early as age five.

The FDA currently has four approved slit treatments on the market. The newest, Odactra is for house dust mite. Oralair is for five different grass pollens, Grastek is for Timothy grass allergies, and Ragwitek is for ragweed.
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