Families in Alief lose homes when massive fire rips through during winter storm

Three families in Alief are without a home following a fire during last week's winter storm.

The fire, which initially started in a home on Hollow Glen Lane, spread to the homes on each side of it, leaving the homes completely burned. Alief resident Sharon Johnston's house was among those burned in the fire.

"I didn't have to lose my home," Johnston told ABC13. "This is my whole life ... just gone."

Tuesday evening, Johnston and her family rushed out of their home as their neighbor's [house] was up in flames. Johnston recorded the scene from her cell phone.

"Oh, please don't let my house catch on fire," Johnston can be heard saying in the video.

Houston fire crews are seen unraveling hoses at the scene as the fire was still contained to just one home. But when no water was initially applied, the fire continued to spread onto the neighboring homes.

When asked about the fires and the department's struggle to finally get water applied, Houston fire Chief Sam Pena said this part of the city may have been an area impacted by the reduced water pressure due to the cold weather, but they are still looking into it.

Chief Pena adds there were reports of a frozen hydrant, which may have added to their challenges.

"Had we had water when that first fire truck got here my house could have been saved," said Johnston. "I just stood there and watched my house... I [have] been here 13 years, 13 years of mortgage payments just gone down the drain."

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