Alex Bregman learns Spanish to better communicate with Astros teammates

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Alex Bregman can do a lot more than play baseball. The clutch-hitting third baseman is bilingual, too.

Bregman has made communication a top priority, learning Spanish to help overcome any possible communication barriers with players who were born outside the U.S.

"I think it made us closer," Bregman said, also giving credit to his international teammates for learning more English. He said both sides working on the language barrier makes the Astros closer than any other team in the league and makes everyone feel like a family.

Some of the Astros players include Jose Altuve and Marwin Gonzalez, who are from Venezuela; Yuli Gurriel, who calls Cuba home; and Carlos Correa, who is from Puerto Rico.

Bregman's Spanish has improved so much that he can even teach others the language.

With dedication to little things like this from Bregman and other Astros, it shows how close this team and the dedication they have to communication that can contribute to a winning culture.
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