Apartment complex residents suffer as central air conditioning ordeal continues

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Sunday, June 22, 2014
Air conditioning ordeal for complex
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Miya Shay reports how one apartment complex is coping with hot weather and no air conditioning

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- At Villa Oaks Townhomes, the entire complex is without air conditioning.

Promethius Hatchett, whose mother lives in the complex, said, "It's a central unit. The residents don't have control over it. Since the AC's been broken, the owners have been contacted."

Residents say management at the complex is well aware of the problem, in fact, the managers even sent a notice to all residents that they are working to try to fix the air conditioning issue.

But the promise of a fix can't help to cool off those living in sweltering heat.

"I get faint, real faint, my head starts hurting, and my leg swells up real bad, real bad. Because I can't get comfortable," resident Richard Dean said.

He put in a portable air conditioning unit to make do for now.

There is electricity, so residents have resorted to fans, and window units. But for children and elderly with medical problems, the last week has been brutal.

"I had to rush my son to the hospital, because of his breathing problem, it's ridiculous," Laketa Haley said. "It's hot, it's 98 degrees inside. Everybody's burning up."

Eyewitness News attempted to reach apartment managers. But they were not available this Sunday.