School hosts 'Adulting Day' to teach students skills like paying bills, changing a tire

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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A Kentucky high school hosts 'Adulting Day' to teach students real life skills, like changing a tire, paying bills and how to cook.

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Kentucky -- Along with physics, Spanish and algebra, high schoolers in Kentucky now have a new course on the curriculum: Adulting.

That's right.

Bullitt Central High School held an "Adulting Conference" for seniors.

WAVE-TV reports, seniors received one-on-one sessions with mentors from the community, who teach things like dorm room cooking, changing a tire, and managing credit cards and personal finances.

Other topics include: Doing taxes; talking to police officers - especially during traffic stops; and getting homesick when away at college and how to handle it.

The goal is to establish everyday skills to help ease the transition from high school to living independently as a young adult.