Woman who lectured at UTSA arrested in fake Adderall drug raid

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KTRK) -- A lecturer at The University of Texas at San Antonio was arrested after tens of thousands of fake Adderall pills and manufacturing equipment were found during a raid.

The raid was carried out Wednesday at an apartment complex in San Antonio, the Drug Enforcement Administration said.

According to the DEA, agents arrested 51-year-old Rose Rodriguez-Rabin, a lecturer at UTSA, and a man, Brandon Simms.

The university suspended Rodriguez-Rabin from its writing program, saying in a statement, "Ms. Rodriguez-Rabin has been suspended from her duties as a lecturer in our writing program, effective immediately, pending further investigation. The UTSA Police Department is working closely with federal law enforcement officials to determine if the allegations against her extend to any criminal activity on our campuses."

The DEA says the counterfeit drugs found were made with methamphetamine.

Experts say both Adderall and methamphetamine increase heart rate and make a person feel more alert.

However, meth is more addictive.

When meth is mixed with other substances, it can make it stronger.

Officials have not said what charges Rodriguez-Rabin and Simms will face.
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