Arizona actor accidentally stabbed during performance

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Thursday, June 4, 2015
AP Photo/Brandon Wade, File

TUCSON, AZ -- A Tucson actor is recovering from an accidental stabbing during a performance at a local theater.

The Arizona Daily Star reports Ken Beider was stabbed in the stomach with a serrated knife while playing an ex-convict in "The Language of Flowers" at the Temple of Music and Art's Cabaret Theatre on Sunday. It wasn't clear why a real knife was used in the scene.

Paul Brunelle, who worked the lights at the show, says Beider took about 30 seconds to get up. Brunelle says the audience clapped as Beider was rolled off.

Beider was taken to a hospital, received 12 staples and was sent home Monday.

Gavin Kayner, who wrote, produced and directed the show, says he is shocked about what happened.

Remaining performances were cancelled.

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