A story of triumph: From near-death accident to 'American Ninja Warrior'

Monday, February 27, 2017
From near-death accident to 'American Ninja Warrior'
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Artis Thompson talks about his near-death accident to becoming the 'American Ninja Warrior.'

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Artis Thompson III is an extreme athlete who does it all.

He is an "American Ninja Warrior," a boxer, a football player and a very popular fitness trainer in the Katy-area. Thompson puts his faith, family and fitness above all, but on his daughters birthday in 2012, a motorcycle accident almost ended it all.

"The bike fell over to the right, causing me to lose part of my right arm," said Thompson. "My left leg got caught in the chain, and ripped everything off from the chin down to the ankle."

Immediately, he thought his life was over. Ironically his older brother died in a motorcycle accident.

Thompson continued to think of his family, and it pushed him through. His hospital stay was less than three weeks.

"With my personal training background, I actually did my own rehab," he said. "Initially when I put my leg on, I tried to walk right away and was successful at it."

Now, Thompson is doing it all. He's even competing on the show "American Ninja Warrior."

Thompson said doesn't need the sports accolades, he just needs his family.

"I have three kids now and I'm expecting twins over the next couple of weeks. That's my driving force," Thompson added.