Juan Beltran
Hi everyone! My name is Juan Beltran, and I want to tell you a little about me.

I joined ABC 13 in 2018 as the first community journalist on their staff. Prior to ABC, I've spent time as a radio producer, reporter, and anchor at various media outlets. Growing up in Houston, I always admired KTRK legends like Bob Allen and Gina Gaston (to name a few). It is truly an honor and dream come true to form a part of Houston's news leader.

I love highlighting the diversity of our city through the stories of student-athletes and people that make our city great. Houston residents speak over 90 different languages and I enjoy meeting people of all nationalities while reporting.

I currently live on the South Side of Houston. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, doing triathlons, cooking and dancing salsa.

I was awarded the 2019 Media Honor Roll Award by the Harris County Department of Education for balanced reporting of news about public schools.

Juan's Stories
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Clear Brook High School students get robotics help from NASA engineers
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