Cuchara brings an authentic Mexico City taste to Montrose

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Cuchara restaurant is best known for its green mole or brunch!

Many of the dishes on the menu at Cuchara are traditional recipes that have been passed down from Ana's grandma or homemade recipes which the cooks brought from Mexico.

It's the "queens in the kitchen," as owner Ana Beaven likes to call them, that makes the restaurant run smoothly.

"All of our cooks are super skilled," explained Beaven. "The fact that they did not go to school to be chefs does not mean anything. These women have learned how to cook from their mothers and grandmas and they know everything about their region and can create dishes."

When you take a bite of the food at Cuchara, it will immediately transport you to Mexico City. You can find a variety of dishes from pressed belly tacos, to lamb barbacoa and pozole.

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