Former med student now 'operates' on coffee with own Missouri City cafe

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- Frederick Ouano used coffee as fuel to stay awake from long study nights while in medical school.

He went to med school because everyone in his family is either a nurse or a doctor. His heart, though, was just not in it.

"My dream was always to have my own restaurant or coffee shop, and I was working towards that goal," explained Ouano.

He decided to go all in on his dream after working at a law firm for 14 years as a marketing and branding manager.

He used the knowledge from his law firm role to open Bean Here Coffee in Missouri City. He has not looked back since.

"It is very rewarding to be able to see smiling faces in the coffee shop. Most of the time, people come in early in the morning and they look sad. We give them their coffee, and boom, all of a sudden their faces light up," said Ouano.

Bean Here Coffee is located at 4340 Sienna Parkway, Suite 102. You can check out what Bean Here has to offer through its website.

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