How to beat that New Year's Eve hangover

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- New Year's Eve celebrations can be rough, but ABC13's The Midday is helping you get over that first hangover of 2020.

There are plenty of supposed hangover remedies -- hair of the dog, maybe black coffee. However, from a nutritional and dietary standpoint, experts will tell you most of them don't actually work.

"If you know you're going out that night, start drinking water," said Rya Clark, a dietitian with Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center. "Get your monogrammed water glass, get your Yeti growler, whatever you like and just drink from that."

Since alcohol dehydrates the body, Clark also suggests Pedialyte or sports drinks that help to hydrate and stave off dehydration's nasty side effects -- mainly headaches. Another good practice before imbibing: eating a meal -- and don't skimp on the calories.

Here are Clark's top tips:
  • Slow down drinking and match every cocktail with a glass of water
  • Avoid dark alcohols that have more impurities and congeners
  • Only drink coffee if you are already a coffee drinker
  • Avoid more alcohol. "Hair of the dog" delays your body's ability to process a hangover
  • Eat a carb-based, mild breakfast, even if you think you cannot stomach it

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