Favorite NBA player hurt? Get your ticket money back!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It can be a bummer to buy a pricey ticket to an NBA game only to find out your favorite player won't be playing.

Well, a start-up in California wants to help.

Fansure gives you the option of NBA ticket insurance. In the event your favorite player sits out, you'll get your money back!

Here's how it works: Your star player, such as James Harden or LeBron James, must have sit out due to rest or load management or due to an injury that was not known prior to Fansuring your ticket, according to the company's rules.

Your reimbursement amount would be based on the percentage you chose when you Fansured your ticket, which is either 50% or 100%.

It's a win-win!

For more information, visit Fansure's website.

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