Alief, as proudly revisited by native son David Nuno

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- All week long, ABC13+ has shown you all the landmarks that make Alief so special.

ABC13's own David Nuño grew up in Alief, and he recently visited the three schools he attended, as well as the barber shop that always gave him a "tight fade."

His story began at his house in Mission Bend, which is nestled in between his elementary school and middle school.

David then headed to Petrosky Elementary, where he met his favorite teacher Bonnie Sabula. Mrs. Sabula is now retired, but remembers how talkative David was and still is.

He tried to stop by Albright Middle School, but they were in the middle of STAAR testing. He then went down the street to Kali's Barber Shop, where Tyrone Antoine cut his hair for many years.

Kali's is an institution in the Alief area. In Alief, you have either gotten a haircut from Tyrone or you know someone who has.

To finish off his tour, David visited Hastings High School and met up with his American History teacher, James Markoe. David remembered where most things in the school were, but forgot where Mr. Markoe's class was.

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