Pearland ISD student writes letters of appreciation to campus workers

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- When we talk about school, we usually focus on teachers, but one student wanted to make sure other workers on campus knew they were appreciated.

Senior Nicole Rubio of Robert Turner College and Career High School in Pearland ISD hand wrote eight letters to custodians, cafeteria workers, a security guard and a teacher.

Rubio said the letters started as a way to earn community service hours for the National Technical Honor Society.

The project then evolved into a way for Rubio to show her sincere appreciation for people who don't often get a lot of thanks.

"The first person that I see when I walk in is the security guard standing by the door," she said. "He is such a wonderful man, and he tells me 'Good morning' every day, that we're going to have a great day. So, it's always started on a good moment because his smile will light up any room."

Rubio said the security guard was so touched by her letter that he asked to meet her in person.

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