Trump pardons Texas man after nearly 31 years in prison

A Texas man who spent nearly 31 years in prison is back home with his family after receiving a pardon from President Donald Trump.

Kenneth Fragoso was sentenced for drug possession back in 1990 when he was 36 years old. Today, the 66-year-old has relatives coming to visit him in Brownsville from as far away as Nebraska. And he says his family has been calling nonstop. Fragoso says he was hoping for the pardon, but was still surprised when he got word that his lawyer and family's efforts to free him were successful.

"I'm doing good health-wise, but I don't know the rest as far as getting overwhelmed over here with the family. We're all getting together," Fragoso said. "I'm happy. I'm happy to be here, but boy I tell you, it's something else. (It's) a game changer for me right now."

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Fragoso says he appreciates the support he got from his family for more than three decades. He also credits his attorneys for their work to get him pardoned. He says he got through all of these years behind bars by keeping the faith he'd be free one day.

"I have always kept positive and that's how I keep going," Fragoso said. "I hope for the best. At times, I did think, 'well, maybe I won't get out', but other times I kept thinking, 'dang I gotta get out.'"

To give you some perspective of how much Fragoso has missed out on, he says technology that we use everyday is brand new for him. He says there were no cell phones when he went to jail. Now he has to learn how to do something as simple as making a phone call. He's relying on his positive outlook to help him manage all of the changes.

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