Local Muslims react to deadly crane collapse at Mecca's Grand Mosque

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston has a large, thriving Muslim population and those who are part of it have been following the construction crane collapse in Mecca, during the height of the pilgrimage to Islam's most Holy place.

It happened during high winds yesterday during an unexpected storm, as thousands packed the main mosque in Mecca.

In speaking today to some Houston Muslims, they are looking at the disaster through the lens of their faith.

"For us as Islam, the best place you can lose your life is a place of worship. I feel sorry for those people who died, but I wish I could be there, too," said Ahmal Abdirahim. He immigrated to the U-S ten years ago from Somalia.

Samiha Al-Shawwa responded to tragedy this way:

"It's how God saves your life.In a certain minute, certain time and certain second, you're going to die. This is what we believed in."

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