Teen rescued from safe inside San Antonio high school

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- A teenager was rescued Friday from a safe inside a San Antonio high school.

Firefighters spent nearly three hours freeing the 16-year-old.

They had to drill holes in the safe to make sure the student had enough oxygen.

The school district says the student got locked in an old combination safe once used by the ROTC program to store guns.
That safe is empty and unlocked these days.

It's unclear how teen got locked in the safe.

Leslie Price, a spokeswoman for the San Antonio school district, told local station KABB, the safe was very solid from the '70s. She added, "(This safe) had always been unlocked, hasn't been used in years. It was really back in the seventies when they had the program and we don't know how it ended up locking on someone, but we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again."