Hundreds attend fundraiser to cover funeral costs of super-saver couple's daughter

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Friends and neighbors spent Wednesday night showing their support for a family dealing with a heartbreaking loss.

Paul and Tiffany Ivanovsky are regularly featured in our Stretch Your Dollar segments. On Wednesday, they remembered the life of their teenage daughter who was recently killed in a tragic accident.

At just 15, there were three things Emma Ivanovsky loved to do, sing, read and play.

"She lived with more intensity than anyone I know," said a speaker at Wednesday's vigil.

When it was time to play, softball was one of her favorite activities.

"Smallest, youngest and low and behold she made the starting lineup," said a former coach.

At the South Montgomery Girls Softball League Fields, where she spent hours practicing, they remembered her by candlelight.

"I feel like celebrating everything she is and was this week. I wish we could do that for every one of our kids all the time so they really knew how much they meant to us," Tiffany Ivanovsky said.

Friends and family remember the girl who packed a lot in to her 15 years.

"She was always so happy, smiling, giving. Energetic," said softball teammate Paige Gladden.

Down the street at Chick-Fil-A, spirit night was full from inside to the drive-thru. The community is raising money for Emma's family. She was the second oldest of seven kids.

"I think it's going to be really difficult for those really close to her. She was in a lot of stuff, choir, basketball, softball," Softball teammate Rachel Dechiara said.

Basketball teammate Kalan McBride said, "I got excited when I got here to see everyone. People who didn't know her but still came to support it made my heart happy."

The teen died while helping a relative recovering from surgery in California run the family farm. A tractor she was learning to operate unexpectedly rolled down a hill.

Sophomore year at College Park won't be the same, and neither will softball.

"We're gonna get through this," says a classmate.

But Emma's fun-loving spirit will never leave the field.

Teammates are also selling T-shirts and raising money online to help the family with expenses.
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