See how Innovative Lasers may be able to help you reach your fitness goals this year!

Our city is full of exciting people, places and businesses! H-Town Spotlight is a fun and informative segment that showcases all that Houston has to offer!

We are excited to tell you about one business that uses the latest technology designed to help you lose inches from weight gaining problem areas in your body! In our January 12 segment, we willhighlightInnovative Lasers of Houston to learn how this company may be able to help you along your fitness hourney this year!

It's no secret that the holiday season can produce extra unwanted weight gain. Learn how Innovative Lasers of Houston may be able to help you lose inches in just a few weeks. Innovative Lasers of Houston is dedicated to helping you along in your fitness journey by providing you with a customized plan designed to fit your individual goals and needs. They specialize in using the Zerona Laser to target areas where you would like to see fat reduction and "inch loss". This can be completed quickly, which means it can be done at a time that fits your busy schedule.

To learn more, watch the segment or visit their website:

***Individual Results may vary. Typically results are 3-11 inches with 6 treatments over 2 weeks
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