Pearland sluggers play game bigger than baseball

WACO, TX (KTRK) -- Pearland's Little League All Stars are a step closer to the World Series, but they still have a few more games to go in Waco. While the team did not play Sunday they did have an important task.

At this level, there are no days off. The boys practiced Saturday morning, but in the afternoon, they had a chance to help another Pearland team playing in Waco.

The Pearland Little League team took the field with the Pearland Challenger team.

"It's an honor for us have our Pearland All-Star team to help us with the kids," said Challenger manager Juan Huerta. "For them to be here and us to here, too, it's a great accomplishment for both of us."

Pearland's Challenger team found out back in January it would be coming to the southwest regional games, Pearland's All-Stars earned the right to be here just a few days ago.

But as soon as the team knew it was bound for Waco, All Star Manager Andrew Solomon volunteered his team to help out.

"I think it's a great experience because you get to help other people who can't really play the game at as high a level as we do," said Pearland All-Star player Carter Ostrom.

This is not the first time the big boys have done this.
Back home, Little League teams take turns helping in Challenger games so these younger players know the All-Stars and are happy these guys are so willing to help.

"I like for them to help me," said Lilly Huerta with the Pearland Challenger team.

"To have them on the field with us is incredible, so they are super excited to have them as buddies today," said Challenger mom Lucy Huerta.

For the All-Stars, it's a chance to have fun and remember sometimes everyone wins.

"It was fun," said Pearland All-Star player Zach Mack. "It was nice to give back and help people who are not as fortunate as us to play baseball."

The All-Stars will be back in action again Sunday. They take the field at 8:30pm against the team from Starkville, Mississippi.

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