Woman gets flesh-eating bacteria at Dallas mud run, goes blind in one eye

DALLAS, TX -- A north Texas woman went blind in one eye after competing in a mud run earlier this month, reports Dallas TV station KTVT. The cause - a flesh-eating bacteria.

Brittany Williams competed in her first mud run two weeks ago. After the event, she said her eye started to hurt.

"When I opened my eye, it was just like white," she said. "The whole room was white."

According to Brittany, debris cut her eye and a flesh-eating bacteria destroyed her cornea. And now, the medical bills are adding up for the young mother, who holds two jobs, but no health insurance.

"I've had health insurance before and I never used it," she said. "I never went to the doctor and I just spent lots of money for nothing. So I didn't see the point at the time when we couldn't afford it."

Now, with her medical bills at $100,000, her family has started a GoFundMe page for treatment to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

There is a chance Brittany will regain vision in the eye with surgery, but KTVT reports many doctors have denied treatment because she doesn't have insurance.