Dog alerts family of house fire in Hardin

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- She's the dog that's all bark and very little bite. But for Rosie the rescue dog, a loud bark was all she needed last Thursday, to save her family's life.

"I'm a sound sleeper, with ear plugs, working nights," said Dwight Brownlee, who had just finished the night shift and was fast asleep in his Hardin area home. Dwight's wife, Deanna Brownlee, was an hour away in Houston running errands.

"Around 10:30 Rosie starts barking, and continues to bark, outside the bedroom door. Usually she only barks like that if there is an intruder. So, I got up to investigate, that's when I smelled the smoke."

Rosie's actions allowed Dwight get out quickly and call the Hardin Volunteer Fire Department. The firefighters were able to get to the home within a few minutes. As a result, only the attic suffered major damage.

"She does have a loud bark," said Deanna Brownlee, who brought Rosie home eight years ago. "When omething's going crazy and she's excited, she's louder than a smoke alarm."

The Brownlees have always considered Rosie a good burglar alarm. Now, they consider her a good fire alarm as well.

"If I hadn't heard the barking, there's no telling what," said Dwight. "They say God works in mysterious ways, and he definitely spoke to this dog, to bark."

The Brownlees are working to repair their home and spoil their already spoiled Rosie even more, right down to her painted paws.
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