Deceased veteran's trip to funeral included fast food stop

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- A veteran's trip to his final resting place included a stop for fast food, according to television station WTKR.

It happened in Virginia Beach, Virginia. David Disch says he saw a hearse from Bliley's Funeral Home pull into a Hardee's parking lot. Two employees got out, leaving the body of 80-year-old Bobby Hill in a flag-draped coffin in the back.

"You couldn't miss it," said Disch. "It's just total disrespect."

Hill's obituary says he was a retired master sergeant with the U.S. Air Force. He was being transported for a 1pm service.

"Protocols need to be changed and I don't think it would have bothered me so much if one of them had stayed with the body and one go in," said Disch.

The funeral home's director says they have a policy that drivers are not to stop while carrying someone unless it's for an emergency. He said his drivers made q quick stop and at least one person was watching the locked hearse.

Though in the photos, there are no employees in sight.

The funeral home also says the family was notified of the stop and was pleased with the service. They've also addressed the issue with their staff.

Just last month, two funeral home workers in Florida were fired after they stopped at a doughnut shop with a flag-draped coffin in the back.