Florida man said he danced on deputy's SUV to warn of vampires

CAPE CORAL, FL -- A man in Florida is facing charges for dancing on top of a sheriff's office vehicle, then ripping off one of the windshield wiper blades, reports television station WZVN.

The bizarre scene was captured on video last month in Cape Coral. And the explanation was just as odd.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Christian Radecki, 40, the man seen in the video, got on top of the deputy's vehicle and danced to get their attention. He apparently wanted to warn deputies about a ritual sacrifice involving vampires and small children.

A nearby neighbor saw what was happening and called police, but not before Radecki reportedly grabbed an American flag and ran around the house with it.

As for the dance party on the sheriff's office's SUV...

"Gets on top of our Tahoe and starts doing the Icky shuffle or something," said Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott. "He no doubt has the moves like Jagger, but he picked the wrong dance floor."

Radecki was arrested for disturbing the peace and damage to property.
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