Free haircuts given to veterans at Camp Hope in NW Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Not long ago, stylist Christopher Estrada gave a hair cut to a veteran, who lost his legs in the war. It was the vet's first haircut since he came home.

"I asked the owner if I could just comp him. I was told 'if we did that for him, we'd have to do it for everybody."

Without asking, another customer paid for the haircut as gratitude for service and sacrifice.

Christopher Estrada vowed to do the same, which created Gorgon Barbers.

Estrada takes his portable barber chair and styling tools every few weeks to Camp Hope. It's a compound of houses, operated by the PTSD Foundation, for vets suffering from traumatic stress and often addiction, after time spent at war.

"I want to do something for people who need it," says Estrada. "More than that, for people who need it."

Camp Hope is a perfect fit for Estrada's mission. Some 20 vets currently live at the facility, some as recently as a few days, others for a few months.

Ben Greene, a Navy veteran, got a trim today. With chiseled good looks, he recalls his hard transition between the world of war and the home front. It cost him a marriage, and time with his young son.

Camp Hope changed that. Greene is now a mentor to newcomers, where he is proof that there's a way back from PTSD.

Estrada's haircuts help in that transition. It's more than a stylish appearance, he says. "It makes you feel human again."

For more on Christopher Estrada's outreach go to @gorgon barbers on Twitter.
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