Circus acrobat hurt in show in north Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Dramatic video shows a circus acrobat falling into the seating area during a local performance in Houston.

The circus performer is expected to be OK after a terrifying fall during a show.

The accident happened on Thursday at Circo Hermanos Vazquez, a traveling circus, located off I-45 North. A spectator captured the fall on his cell phone.

The professional acrobats, known as Duo Garcia, were performing a feature stunt when the accident occurred. The video shows the female acrobat hanging from her hair from a replica rocket ship as it spins over the audience. As she twirls from the rocket ship, she suddenly falls into the seats below. Audience members can be heard screaming as circus staff rush to her aid.

In a statement released May 26th, circus management says that, "The accident was the failure of the performers to properly latch a safety cord during the routine."

"It was a human error. These things happen at the circus. We all put all of our work in here. It's a performance. It's a live performance and that is what a lot of people don't understand," said Lorena Vignaud, the general manager of Circo Hermanos Vazquez. "Like balancing acts, like the strong men acts, all those kinds of acts they all have a risk. This act was one of the ones that was the highest risk of them all."

When asked about a purported 2007 incident in California in which a male acrobat plunged to his death while working for the circus, Vignaud said, "These incidents don't happen often. More than ten years have passed without any issues with our safety record. The safety of our audience and our performers is our highest priority."

Circus management says that the female acrobat suffered only bruises and has been cleared to return to work. Circo Hermanos Vazquez will have shows in Houston through early July.
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