'We can't get her back alive': 7-year-old calls 911 after baby sister falls in pool

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7-year-old's 911 call saves baby sister's life (KTRK)

A 7-year-old girl has been praised for quickly calling 911, helping to save her baby sister who fell in the family pool.

Dylann Ott was outside playing when she heard the commotion. Her baby sister was discovered in the family's pool.

"Pulled her out and all of her color was a blue tinge and her lip color ... she wasn't breathing at all and there was just no life to her, and I knew I couldn't lay her down in the backyard because I felt no one was going to hear me, and so I ran through the house and I just started screaming to Dylann," said Andee Ott, Dylann's Mom.

"Dylann, Dylann, dial 911, dial 911. So I got her phone," Dylann explained to KTVX-TV.

Dylann found her mom's phone and called 911 while her mother performed CPR.

"Our baby fell in the pool, and we can't get her back alive," Dylann told the dispatcher.

Dylann relayed the message to her mother that help was on the way, while sirens wailed in the background.

Andee had learned CPR at a girls camp as a teenager.

Baby Blake was breathing again by the time help arrived, and she was flown to Primary Children's Hospital.

On Monday the 1-year-old was home and doing well.

The family wanted to share the story in the hopes of saving other lives.

"If someone watching says I feel inclined to get [CPR] certification or to know the steps, to have an outcome like this, I think it will bring some healing," said Andee.
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