Apple Watch preorders now available exclusively online

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KTRK) -- It is finally here, possibly the next big thing -- potentially the must-have tech gadget of the year -- the Apple Watch debuted worldwide Friday. But will people really want them on their wrists? The answer is 'Yes' for dozens of people who have already ordered the watch but came down here to the Apple Store to try on the watch anyway.

PHOTOS: New Apple Watch unveiled at event in San Francisco

Cheers greeted the first Houston Apple Watch customer.

Tim Melman ordered the watch but just had to come to the store to see how it works, how it feels, and what it look like on his arm.

"I think it is going to be awesome like every Apple product and I have been tracking it all night and it's cool to be the first one in Houston," said Melman.

Apple Watch buyers cannot take the watch out of the store. Instead, they have to order online and the watch will be shipped to their homes.

But this is the first chance consumers have to see and wear the watch.

It is not the first piece of wearable technology but it is Apple's biggest push into the market, and that's enough for Thomas Hurst.

"Android has quite a few of them but I am not an Android person, so I am out to get the Apple Watch," said Hurst.

The new Apple Watch was unveiled during an event in San Francisco on Monday, March 9, 2015.

As for the success of wearable tech, Professor Lin Zhong of Rice University says, this time it just may work.

"You will see an explosion in software services, people willing to put that form factor on your wrist," said Professor Zhong.

The Apple Watch still has a big hurdle to clear for many.

"It's been 10 years since I have worn a watch," said Carol Shearer, who is not buying the device.

The watch is the Cupertino company's first new consumer product in five years. Prices start at $349 and go all the way up to $17,000 depending on the watch band and coating you choose. There are three models to choose from: Watch Sport, the standard Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition.

Again, you cannot take the watch home with you, but you can come down and test it out. Apple recommends you call the store in advance to make an appointment.

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