Favorite Houston chefs raise more than $15,000 for food industry

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- We all know Houston is a foodie city!

And now some local culinary stars are participating in a fundraiser to help those in the food industry who are most hurt by COVID19 restrictions.

It's called "Ask Chef Anything."

Houstonians bid anywhere from $120 to $1250 on 30 minute virtual sessions with renowned local chefs.

The money raised will go toward immigrants who are not eligible for unemployment benefits in the food industry.

"These are people that usually don't look for hand-outs, but they are in a position where they need help,' explained participating chef Travis McShane, chef of Ostia, which is scheduled to open in Montrose in late summer. "Instead of getting depressed about things, we're just trying to say, 'what can we do today?'"

The Southern Smoke Foundation will facilitate the fundraiser through its Emergency Relief Fund.

If you'd like to apply, go here: https://southernsmoke.org/

For more information on the fundraiser, visit https://32auctions.com/askchefsanythingHouston
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