How a Texas City pastor uses sports as metaphor in his ministry

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- At St. Mary of the Miraculous Medal, a pastor who uses sports as a metaphor for life took his ministry team out to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

"You learn life lessons through the course of sports, said Father Clint Ressler. "Dealing with adversity, overcoming challenges- sports sets those things up to mirror life."

Through his ministry, Fr. Ressler worked with Arrows Rugby Club, the Houston Astros, IndyCar Racing and has worked with the Texans since their beginning in 2002.

"If you talk about sports, it doesn't connect with everyone, but it does identify with most fans of local franchises," he said.

An example of this: JJ Watt.

"He is someone that really works really hard and he has a goal, and he makes sacrifices for that goal," said Ressler. "In our Christian walk, we cannot just be sitting in the pews as a spectator while the world goes on its merry way. We need to be willing to get in the game."

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he didn't sit on the sidelines while church services were canceled.

"After five years, I was used to them coming to me," he said.

Father Ressler practiced what he preached and took his ministry on the road to visit over 500 parishioners.

"It was a much more intimate way to connect with them on their property, from their sidewalk or driveway," he said. "Conversations lasted five minutes and sometimes an hour. Sometimes joyful, sometimes sorrowful. It's great for me because I've gotten a chance to know my parishioners better."
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