Meet the actor who plays General Granger in Galveston's Juneteenth celebration

GALVESTON (KTRK) -- Stephen Duncan has been playing the part of Union General Gordon Granger at Galveston's Juneteenth celebration for the past five years. This year feels different for him.

"I hope people take away that most fundamental message. All slaves are free. All people are people," said Stephen Duncan, who is an actor, educator, and ordained Bishop in Galveston.

While playing General Granger, Duncan has the honor of announcing "All slaves are free," in a re-enactment of the events of June 19, 1865.

"Three of my great great grandfathers served in the union forces," he said. "I think they would be proud of me continuing that struggle to make everyone free and everyone equal. It's a continuing struggle and it will be for the rest of our lives."

Because of COVID19 concerns, this year's ceremony is much smaller than usual.

But, there is a renewed interest due to protests around the country.

Duncan said he has been peacefully marching with "Black Lives Matter" groups.

"Do we have a lot more to do? Oh yeah. Are we where we're supposed to be? Not yet. But that was the day that we started to be who we really could be," he said.
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